Things around the room

I was feeling a little bit camera snappy earlier today. However, my room’s a mess (in fact the whole apartment is), after moving in for 6 months, it’s still incomplete. So just a glimpse.

1. new tote pouch for my camera – from a quaint shop called Cat Socrates
2. can never resist these Darjeeling marshmallows from Meidi-ya
3&4. curious little things in my room
5. remaining triangles and squares to be made into cc necklaces
6. just arrived in the mail! More new cc pieces to be discovered
7. coral swarovski beads I could not resist buying for the shop

I promise to try to keep up with the blogging.


One thought on “Things around the room

  1. Hi there!

    I just LOVE your jewelry! I took a look at the shop and you inspired me so much! I am Brazilian and this kind of items are not very commom here… I guess I will have to make my own! are the little triangles produced by you? They are so delicate…
    Congratulations for your beautiful work,


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