all that rush

I know, once again this blog has been neglected..  I try, but I’ve been busy, really busy. Christmas got a little crazy and keeping me a little busier than expected. Not that I’m complaining.. 🙂 Thanks to all that have been a great support to the curious range!

Tiredness, stress and me don’t gel very well at night. Upon all that rush, I made an impulsive buy here, just to reward myself. Don’t get me wrong, I am not regretting my purchase. I love it, however, I do not know how scarfs really work.. LOL This lovely printed silk scarf is now in transit on it’s way to my mailbox. Original illustrations and handmade by the lovely and talented Leah Goren. It’s Merry Christmas to myself again (this is #2547462 item I bought with that christmas excuse). I’m pretty tempted by this adorable bear print cropped top.. We’ll see 🙂


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