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It is one of those few rare occasions where I actually find time to do a DIY thingy even though I often say I’d like to. However, I got bored staring at the blah looking brown cork board where I hang all my personal stash of jewelry and decided it was time for a mini make over.

All you need is
1. a cork board from the stationery shop or anywhere
2. paint brushes
3. masking tape
4. paint – any type, I found some acrylic paint lying around and went with neon red

• Mask the inside of the board in order not to get the border paint on to the surface. If you have a steady hand, you can do so without masking.
• Then just coat the frame with paint, repaint when it dries for a thicker coat.
• Remove the masking tape, dilute the white paint with water and paint the cork surface several coats.
• Let it dry completely and ta-dah, a fancier looking board.

It’s that simple! And acrylic paint dries really fast so there’s no mess. For a little more effort, you can mask the frame in stripes or create stencils for patterns. Or even random dots of paint for a polka dotted effect!

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