DIY : Bleach Denim Shorts

 If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen this pair of light wash shorts being dip dye before. However, the color contrast was too subtle so I had half of this shorts soaked in bleach. I was quite a klutz handling the bleach and a tad bit impatient, hence the spots of bleached area on the darker portion. I actually like how raw it looks, like a little art school thingy.

All you need is :
1. A pair of darker wash shorts
2. A pail
3. A bottle of bleach
4. Rubber gloves
5. 1 Clip hanger

• Dilute the bleach a little with water.
• Soak the top or bottom portion you’d like to lighten for approx 15 mins
• Remove and hang the shorts to drip and allow the bleach to take effect for approx 20-30mins
• Repeat and soak again to get the desired color / effect.

Sounds simple? Go try it. I’ve got a brand new bottle of bleach to do the same on a pair of jeans!

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