IKEA Frosta Hacked

Just a week ago, we posted our DIY neon dip dye frosta stool. This discovery on Frosta X,Y,Z came in one week late! Uber cool hacks on the frosta with a little carpentry work required. Love the bookshelf.

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DIY : Neon Dip Dye Stool

inspired by this and this, I always knew that when the chance comes, I’d DIY one of them. With the new studio in place and some basic fittings from Ikea, this calls for some customization. It is the easiest way to update and give some character to your Frosta stools.

Things you need :
1. some light colored stools – white or birch wood works best for this look
2. acrylic paint / spray paint
3. paint brushes (omit if using spray paint)
4. masking tape

Step 1. Mask the area to paint to get a straight line, you can even reverse the paint area if you’d like
Step 2. start painting! Either by brush painting or spray painting
Step 3. Let the paint dry and re-coat until solid
Step 4. Let the paint dry and remove the masking tape

Tadah! Sit and enjoy your brand new stool! I’m sitting on mine as I type 🙂 Have fun !

packaging 101

I stumbled upon shimtokk, an uber cool blog by Sally and Joke which speaks purely about DIY packaging and such. Really cute! I’m definitely stealing some ideas from these lovely ladies for our holiday packaging. Have a look, you’re gonna enjoy it.

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DIY : Neon Clutch

I’ve been lusting over the Claire Vivier neon stripe clutch, it’s a known fact. And it’s all over the blogopshere. Every time I come across it, I’ve been tempted too many times to click ‘add to cart’. $173 (before shipping) was a bit more than I was hoping to spend on a clutch. So it’s a DIY project to try.

I came across a discounted bronze finished wristlet at Accessorize for only SG$15, bought a can of spray and DIY my own version. It’s not as perfect as the original, but I guess I can make do with this for now. And I may just attempt another variation of it soon! Have fun!

Things you need:
1. A clutch of your choice
2. A can of spray in any color
3. Masking tape

Step 1. Masking out the area that you do not wish to spray and tape it down flat against the surface to avoid any color running in. I did a vertical down right in the middle just like the original. You can also do a half horizontal design which is pretty cool too.
Step 2. Line the area with news paper
Step 3. Spray away! I forgot to prime with white paint hence the need to spray many many many layers. Do remember to let it dry partially before adding another layer.
Step 4. Let it dry for approx 1 hour before spraying the flip side. Leaving the partially dried spray on the news paper will only cause the ink on the paper to transfer to the paint.
Step 5. When dry completely, remove all masking and rock your DIY clutch!

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DIY : Bleach Denim Shorts

 If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen this pair of light wash shorts being dip dye before. However, the color contrast was too subtle so I had half of this shorts soaked in bleach. I was quite a klutz handling the bleach and a tad bit impatient, hence the spots of bleached area on the darker portion. I actually like how raw it looks, like a little art school thingy.

All you need is :
1. A pair of darker wash shorts
2. A pail
3. A bottle of bleach
4. Rubber gloves
5. 1 Clip hanger

• Dilute the bleach a little with water.
• Soak the top or bottom portion you’d like to lighten for approx 15 mins
• Remove and hang the shorts to drip and allow the bleach to take effect for approx 20-30mins
• Repeat and soak again to get the desired color / effect.

Sounds simple? Go try it. I’ve got a brand new bottle of bleach to do the same on a pair of jeans!

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before / after

It is one of those few rare occasions where I actually find time to do a DIY thingy even though I often say I’d like to. However, I got bored staring at the blah looking brown cork board where I hang all my personal stash of jewelry and decided it was time for a mini make over.

All you need is
1. a cork board from the stationery shop or anywhere
2. paint brushes
3. masking tape
4. paint – any type, I found some acrylic paint lying around and went with neon red

• Mask the inside of the board in order not to get the border paint on to the surface. If you have a steady hand, you can do so without masking.
• Then just coat the frame with paint, repaint when it dries for a thicker coat.
• Remove the masking tape, dilute the white paint with water and paint the cork surface several coats.
• Let it dry completely and ta-dah, a fancier looking board.

It’s that simple! And acrylic paint dries really fast so there’s no mess. For a little more effort, you can mask the frame in stripes or create stencils for patterns. Or even random dots of paint for a polka dotted effect!

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