Pinch of Mint

I’m feeling these mint walls right now. Time for a room update?



DIY : Neon Dip Dye Stool

inspired by this and this, I always knew that when the chance comes, I’d DIY one of them. With the new studio in place and some basic fittings from Ikea, this calls for some customization. It is the easiest way to update and give some character to your Frosta stools.

Things you need :
1. some light colored stools – white or birch wood works best for this look
2. acrylic paint / spray paint
3. paint brushes (omit if using spray paint)
4. masking tape

Step 1. Mask the area to paint to get a straight line, you can even reverse the paint area if you’d like
Step 2. start painting! Either by brush painting or spray painting
Step 3. Let the paint dry and re-coat until solid
Step 4. Let the paint dry and remove the masking tape

Tadah! Sit and enjoy your brand new stool! I’m sitting on mine as I type 🙂 Have fun !


Everyone buys from ikea (ok almost everyone). Ikea is known for modern pleasing designs with pocket-friendly price tags. I’d buy my entire home furniture from Ikea if I can, but I wouldn’t want my abode looking like an Ikea catalogue. Don’t get me wrong, I love their catalogue, but you know what I mean. These changeable legs by Prettypegs is probably the easiest way to modify your Ikea furniture to something your own. Looks different almost instantly! How clever.

source: Prettypegs